This collection is produced and distributed by Stilnest Studio from their base in Berlin. The pieces come in two metal options; solid  925 sterling silver and heavy 24-carat gold plating. All metals are sourced ethically from conflict-free zones. Every piece is made to order in Germany and is hand finished. This ensures the finest quality and also means there will be no overproduction. This is the reason it may take up to 10-workdays for your order to be shipped. 

About the designer

Ivania Carpio is the voice behind Love Aesthetics; an intimate, light-filled web log about curating your life with a less-is-more approach. As the name suggests, Love Aesthetics is about appreciating the visual aspects of life and seeing the exceptional in the everyday. It is a creative online space covering personal style in the broadest sense of the word through interior, fashion, no-fuss-beauty and design. Love Aesthetics was established in 2008 as one of The Netherlands’ very first style blogs.

Ivania works as an art director, designer and creative consultant. She is co-founder of design venture Aetelier. A minimalist at heart, yet her basement is filled with found objects that would generally be considered as trash; broken glass, concrete blocks, lots of vintage clothes and chairs. Ivania lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands with her partner Romeo Pokomasse, their daughter Lois and cat Lucifer. She has been a mom longer than she has been an adult.


“Disposables are omnipresent in our daily lives and culture. They are universal and so common that they become almost invisible or not appreciated by most people, automatically falling into the category of trash and not valuable. A silver birthday balloon feels very festive for a day but in actuality it will pollute long after you have run out of birthdays.

The consumption of newness in our culture goes much further than just disposables. In a world where we are drowning in new stuff, where there is an incredible excess of availability, from designer pieces, independent labels to fast-fashion and counterfeit, almost everything seems to be treated as disposable. Trends, styles, ideas and technology become irrelevant as fast as they become relevant.

With this collection I wanted to explore this contrast between disposable and durable, between high and low, between what is throw-away and what is valued, between overproduction and art. There is a lot of irony in making precious metals resemble blow-up plastic. Gold and plastic are considered polar-opposites on the spectrum of perceived value. The result are toungue-in-cheek, subtle statement pieces.

Aesthetics aside, most importantly the goal is to provide a beautiful, classic, high quality jewelry piece. Something that will last, can be worn every day and comes at an honest and affordable pricepoint. Stilnest Studio is making this idea happen and come to life. “

- Ivania Carpio

Info about orders, sizing, shipping, payments, returns, guarantees; visit the Stilnest Studio FAQ page or contact support@stilnest.com


This collection was a project by 
Stilnest Studio and Ivania Carpio